Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Most people do not succeed for the simple reason that they give up too easily and do not persevere until their goals become reality. This is mainly because of fear.By understanding the 6 key sources of fear,we will all be better equipped to dealing with this powerful force that often robs us of our success.

1) Fear of Poverty: As has been stated in a previous section,we get from life exactly what we ask from it.If we are driven by the fear of poverty,we will be thinking the thoughts of a poor person and,because of this,our deeds,actions etc will not allow us to succeed.

2) Fear of Criticism:We have already discussed that successful decisions are made
on facts and not opinions.If you fear criticism,you will begin to make judgments
using opinions instead of facts and,because of this,your chances of success will
be reduced.

3) Fear of Ill Health: Every living thing wants to live and to live healthily.This is a primal need and,consequently,a fear that is very difficult to control.However,
through applied faith and belief,it can be reduced

4) Fear of Loss of Love: As we have discussed,a man will go to great lengths to
please a woman,sometimes even sacrificing his family and his job for her.
Therefore,this is a key fear that many men feel subconsciously.

5) Fear of Old Age: This is more of a mindset than a fear. People who are older may
feel that time is against them or that they are simply too old to achieve anything.
This fear prevents key characteristics like desire and perseverance from being
used effectively.

6) Fear of Death: This is our ultimate fear and is often only felt in dangerous
situations. However,this fear has the power to takeover the body,mind and our
emotions just think how your life would change if you were told you had only 6
months to live – and the Fear of Death was summoned to the front of your mind.

Many people can give you countless reasons why they are not succeeding – the economy,their own circumstances, they haven’t been lucky – giving alibis and excuses is a national pastime! However, life gives you what you ask from it – it does not listen to excuses andbdoes not give pity – therefore, it is your right and responsibility to ask for anything you want, as long as you work constructively and fairly towards getting it.